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God's gonna cut you down

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If only I knew what it is and how to use it...XD
BTW, is there a problem with just skipping through the songs or playing them as well?
Sorry, my English isn't very good, so I could've misunderstood something)

The songs are hearable, it's just that there is absolutely no way to see how many songs there are, how long they take, to skip certain parts or go to the next song :(

I've just pressed "play" and saw what you meant and that's really strange...
You know what's funny? The songs appear when you play them, one by one...
PS. Actually, I think that's not a problem, cuz I've just played another person's fanmix and everything goes the same way there)

I never actually heard of 8track, so I don't know how it works. I just thought it was weird that the law says you can't skip songs. Those laws don't even count on an international basis, I just found it weird that you can't see the songs and skip them

But you can o.o
When you play the mix, in the very bottom there is a button, just next to the pause one (and I forgot how it's called, sorry), so you can just go to the next song...
If I got you right)