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pressed flowers

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ok so I've listened to this mix quite a few times in the background because I fucking love morginigo, but I don't know ANY of these songs except lost kitten and when you were young, so I finally went and looked up the lyrics to these songs and. wow. wow. what the fuck. this is so s a d. how c o u l d you. it's so lovely though. I love that this mix focuses on yearning for the other a++

@impotentartistry IM SUPER DUPER GLAD YOU LIKE IT!! there honestly needs to be more of the ship but theres like?! literally nothing & it makes me sad.. but hee, i thought that, theyd both probably love each other lots but theyre too scared to say anythin about it so they both spend their whole lives longing for the other but never acting on it & both probably dying with their feelings for each other hidden & buried with them