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Musicals are Cool(er Than Bow Ties)


I hadn't yet made a Doctor Who musical so I now completed my SuperWhoLock musical. As always, check out all the artists on SoundCloud!

New cover art! The last one didn't really scream crack-mix, so I got some Space-Time Lawyers.

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  • Time Travel Maybe by RainyDayCookies
  • Gallifreyan Traveller by Waiting4Codot
  • I'll make a Companion out of you by badwolfonbakerstreet
  • Time And Space Travel Over 500 Miles (Doctor Who Parody) by ToBoldlyTrek
  • "Time Lines" (Blurred Lines Parody) by Doctor Who
  • Call me maybe parody (Doctor Who) by Come with me maybe
  • The Doctor Who Quote Song by President Romana
  • Doctorin' the Tardis (radio) by The Timelords
  • The Last Confrontation? [Doctor Who Les Mis The Confrontation Parody] by ToBoldlyTrek
  • "You are my Rose" (original) by Javalamp
  • Remember You(A Doctor Who Song) by Naomi Cherie Donaldson
  • To remember you.. by Danny Todd FI
  • Goodbye(Lament of the Companions) by Idris Trock
13 tracks