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Starry Eyed Space Dragon


heres a shit playlist lmao
i had the idea of making these when i decided i was ready to go.i guess im treating these like goodbye letters still.
my existence in and around your life has been an awful person.i still dont want to be alive because of it.
i havent said it to your face but i think you are a perfect human being.this probably doesnt help the "jazs a cinnamon roll" group but i accept the fact that you are a huge prick who isnt flawless.but that is what makes me feel that you are perfect.
im scared of talking about things when im troubled.i keep pushing you away havent done anything.i cant control myself when i get that way.i always regret doing it.
youre a really great person and i dont want anything bad to happen to you.i care and love you a whole lot.

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