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The Velvet


When Sean - Jack to his friends - McLoughlin, fresh to America, starts a job at a new male entertainment establishment, his life gets a little more entertaining and a lot more complicated in so many ways.

AKA THIS IS MY SIN BABY I'M WORKING ON ENJOY~! (Includes some angst / romantic tracks as well)

21 tracks
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Alas! But I'm glad to know you have a strategy for your baby of sin! Stocking up on chapters means a more consistent upload schedule and I'm happy to wait for that!

This playlist is gr9 and makes me wanna read what you're working on!! Do you have any of it posted? (Also LOL sin baby is an amazing term)

@makkan Well thank-ya so much! Sadly, nothing is posted yet, but I'm wanting to write out five chapters before I post anything because I'm working hard on this sin baby of mine! (Glad ya like that term btw lol)