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Ah... So This is the World of Witches


A dedication to Homura Akemi AKA Homucifer. Songs in my collection that I believe most suit Homura, in some semblance of an order for her character growth.

8 tracks
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I really, really like this mix! Most Homura mixes consist of sad love songs, a lot of soft sounding music...and while those can be accurate and lovely to listen to, there's something great about a mix that's all hard rock and passion and darkness. It seems to me to encapsulate that darker part of Homura that alot of people didn't recognize until Rebellion, even though she's always had that manic, unnerving aspect to her affection for Madoka. Quite possibly my favourite fanmix for her!

Thank you very much! Yes the soft love songs are wonderful in their own right but I always got the vibe of obsessive undertones from her which makes a lot of sense considering that the story of PMMM takes a lot of inspiration from Goethe's Faust.