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final piano


a mix of some of the best piano arrangements released on the final fantasy piano collections albums. listed in order of game release.

songs are tagged by the artist who performed the song on the album rather than the composer.

tracklist: http://farfromdaylight.tumblr.com/post/130237795463/final-piano-selected-tracks-from-the-final-fantasy

piano art used in cover by martijndevalk on flickr.

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14 tracks
2 comments on final piano

Wow, I've never heard or even considered The Man with the Machine Gun on piano!!! It sounds AMAZING!!! Thank you for such a wonderful playlist!! xxx

@shifistarkid You're very welcome! I'm glad you liked it so much C: There are actually a lot of great arrangements of "Man with the Machine Gun" but this version is one of my favorites, so I had to include it.

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the mix of songs you picked. Very refreshing! Also oh lord, I did NOT realize there was a piano version of Ronfaure o_o *plays forever*

@hearapianofall Thanks so much! It's from the FF12 Piano Collections album - I recommend the entire album, it's fantastic. FF12 doesn't get arranged very often but when it does it's really good.

@hearapianofall a month later I realize you said Ronfaure and not Rabanastre, WHOOPS. A+ reading comprehension, me.. Having never played FF11, I actually included Ronfaure on this mix because it's the song I know and like best from concert arrangements and other FF albums.