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Love's Memories Are The Worse.


Love is something we can never trust , it can gave us pain or maybe the happiness .
It's all up to us ! how do we want this love and who can be the one it's just a matter of time .

  • Nothing Better by Brown Eyed Soul
  • 4Men by 4MEN
  • 되돌리다 by 이승기
  • 향기만 남아 by 허각
  • Lim Kim' Happy me by Htet Gyi
  • ¸ð¸£³ª¿ä by ±èÁ¾±¹
  • 울고만있어 ( Is Crying) Good Doctor OST Part 3 by Baek Ji Young (백지영)
  • Because It's You [OST Big] by Davichi
  • One Person by Huh Gak [OST Big]
  • Evening Sky by Ailee
  • 내 남자친구를 부탁해 by 윤하
  • You Let Me Go With A Smile (Trot Lovers OST Part 3) by Kim Na Young, Lee Eun Ha
12 tracks
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