Is this playlist safe for work?

Restaurant Music

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I have a concern about license to play music in the restaurant. And I'm looking for music that I can play in my restaurant without worry that BMI or others will bill me later. Is this list free of that worry?

Great mix, just found this website, but a good start for my new restaurant for music. just how do I restart a playlist or song in a playlist. Seems always just to continue where it left off, even when in the middle of a song.

@MGPattaya thank you! :) i think you can't :/ that's just the way this website is as far as i know :D sorry for answering so late by the way :'D

Just move your mouse to the small thumbnail of your profile picture on the top of your page, then a little "box" appears and one option is "create mix", click on it and voilà! :D