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order of odd fellows (the re-up)


| i want
| oh, i want
| i want to sit with you on late night bus rides, on the couch when the clock hits midnight and
| i want to be side by side on the rollercoasters and the ferris wheels
| where
| oh, where
| where are my rooftops, and fireworks and shoulders to shoulders and
| where is my companionship so quiet i can hear your heartbeats like the bass in the speakers
| do you
| oh, do you
| do you see the way they all look at the moon, do you see how they look at each other and
| do you know they look at you the exact same way

// friendmix for my game night group:
- diane (weebaboos.tumblr.com)
- anya (passiveagressivesigh.tumblr.com)
- me, lissette, edward, thomas

8 tracks
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