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(my) most faithful mirror


I want to build you up / I want to break you down


for two souls caught in a war of ideals--who are blinded by desperate dreams that they clutch to with stagnant faith. for goodwill and spite--who both in turn give themselves to law and chaos, never to return. for the love they could have had, if they had not opposed each other so--if they had never crossed swords or martyred themselves to false perceptions.

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New mixes on 8tracks are not working for anyone on any platform or app. Could you help by contacting them via email through the help section? I figure the more people we get to contact them, the more likely we will get a response or have the issue resolved. Thank you!

@That Dude In Denver yeah i noticed that and it's been bothering me! sometimes it takes some time for a mix to work reliably but it's been hours since ive uplaoded this one and it doesn't work at all :c i'll look into contacting support!