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Lady & Lionheart


|| a fanmix for Godric Gryffindor & Rowena Ravenclaw ||
❝One look in his eyes
I had realized
His life was so simple he had no disguise
He lived day to day, no promise he would stay
But in these few words he stole my heart away.... ❞

dedicated/inspired by Zara ❤

  • Minstrel Hall (Blackmore's Night) by FeeBarscevicius
  • Medieval by Aindream
  • Peasant's Promise by Blackmore's Night
  • Medieval Music by AGAsimov
  • May It Be by Howard Shore
  • Medieval by cav
  • The Houses Of Healing (feat. Liv Tyler) by Howard Shore
  • Snow White & Prince Charming's Theme by Mark Isham
  • I Remain by Alanis Morissette
9 tracks
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