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My darling boy I have to go


There used to be a tree // Where we took our pretty things // We'd hook them by a thread // Golden egg, lipstick and feathers // Pieces of glass, chandelier baubles

supposed to be kinda post-sebastian takes ciel's soul / they part ways kinda thing, really slow paced and just sad tbh enjoy
tumblr link here: http://qritsuko.tumblr.com/post/103976475287/l

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Bless your heart, I was just on tumblr and in the black butler tag and let me say this music is perfect for most of the pictures thank you so much <3 ;) and such said music wow :(

ItTs weird casuse i was goning thru some shit and i was on tumblr when i saw sebastion and clicked on it and this totally helped it was playing the perfect music and it was just right for the mood and i just wanna say god bless you i love this mix thank you so much

@duff.jpg aah gosh i'm so glad i was able to be of help!! i'm not sure what you're going through but i hope you feel better soon!