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It's Just a Ride


Life isn't what it seems. Open your mind to more. Featuring truths from Appleseed Cast, Portugal. The Man and Built to Spill. 13 songs, 1hr 11mins

13 tracks
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haha i coulda guessed that one! he is the best...but glad to hear it. i still cannot wait to meet that rascal...nola is superb, eating lots of food, being super happy all the time, and ofcourse, making mixes with her papa!

haha nice!...i'm not sure though. i have seen all of his stand-ups so i know i've heard it but i'd like to know for sure...

and how is little collin?!

...about what they should do!
haha i was gonna put that song on there, too. maybe ill add it :)
Did you ever hear that bill hicks joke that B.T.S. is talking about?