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just breathe

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@featherleviosa Three months later, this is still my go-to playlist when I need to hunker down and keep focused! I seem to always run into the music license agreements that 8tracks has because I listen to it so much! Any chance this could be longer with the same style and tempo of music? I love this playlist so much! Thank you :)

@Courtney_dobbertin I actually am in process of making a third playlist to the "peaceful instrumental" series, so if you have any song suggestions I'd love to hear them. :)

@featherleviosa let me look through my list of instrumentals that I love and get back to you. You have such an interesting style for your playlists that I would need to really dig in deep about what in particular I love about the songs you selected. I wouldn't want to change the style at all, so I really want to find the prime picks for the next installment! :)

I have listened to this playlist almost every day at work, it is one of the only playlists that keeps me focused! The only suggestion I would say would be to not have the score "Stay" in the playlist. I find myself skipping it just because it is too intense and distracting because of the intensity. Love the rest of the playlist and please make it longer! :) Thank you so much!

I'm just starting to listen to classical music and it's wonderful this playlist is really great too!