Is this playlist safe for work?


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I absolutely love this, now I know why my neighbors think I'm crazy... they might be right... thank you very taking the time to make this

@Electric Lily No problem at all, it was really fun making this ^^. I'm glad you enjoy it :D. And yes, poor Sammy, can never catch a break, can he? :P

@feelingsojaded No problem! It really is great, the songs are AWESOME *emphasis*, thanks for putting them in one place : ) I've listened to this playlist so many times, my parents are sick of me singing the songs at the top of my lungs!

@persassy_jackson I want to feel bad for your parents but I'm too happy to hear to this to be so :P. Seriously, I have my chest all puffed out in pride.

@feelingsojaded Don't feel bad for them, I think they're getting used to me :) But really, I can't sing the normal version of Shake It Off, the SPN one is stuck in my head... and you should be proud of yourself, you're awsome!!! THIS PLAYLIST IS AWSOME

@persassy_jackson I'm exactly the same, I heard the song when I was at the shop and just automatically started singing the SPN version and wondering why the words were different :P. My mom looked at me a bit funny but ultimately shrugged my weirdness off :P.

@feelingsojaded well, I think I've passed the point of no return... There's no going back now!! I'm used to getting strange stares from other people (mainly my mom) so... Yeah. I'm weird too :)