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♫ Don't St★rt Un-believing ♫

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So I was looking for a playlist to cheer me up, because sadness happens sometimes, and I decided to look through the playlists you've made (because you have, like, the best playlists on here, no joke) and I came upon his gem and it made me feel a lot better and I know that this is one of your playlists and you'll probably not see this, but for what it's worth, you always seem to make me feel better about myself or just make me giggle or cry (in a good way) and that makes me glad that I found your playlist (while looking through countless supernatural playlists, no less) that day, and I just wanted to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! SOO MUCH!!!!!!!! And when I see that you've replied to one of my comments it is usually the highlight of my day so, thank you and keep making awesome stuff, shoot for the stars and do yourself proud. Omg that was so cheesy of me, but I mean it, I really do, you wonderful, beautiful, BADASS!, sweet person!! ☺️

@Electric Lily AND YOU, YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS, ADORABLE, AMAZING, SO GREAT I CAN'T EVEN PUT INTO WORDS, SERIOUSLY. Every single time you make a comment a little explosion of happiness happens in my chest and I can't keep a no doubt goofy smile off my face when I read your words. You are the greatest thing on Earth and your comments make me feel so blessed and just ugh, how are you so pure and wonderful? It's not fair. I'm awfully glad you stumbled across my little playlist and I'm really happy that my playlists make you happy. Please don't ever stop being sure a pure cinnamon roll and again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL COMMENT, AND EVERY OTHER ONE YOU HAVE GIVEN, I AM NOT WORTHY OF YOUR PRAISE.