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Why are you like this


"We had a bonding moment! I CRADLED YOU IN MY ARMS!!"

"Nope. Don't remember, didn't happen."

Klance playlist composed on the fly for these embarrassing teens in awkward hypothetical courtship.

9 tracks
7 comments on Why are you like this

Ohhh this mix is so awesome! Great for fic writing, haha! Now I'm sad that I can only listen to this once a day ;;

@votg (this playlist is 100% build-able in Spotify if you don't mind having to make an account and like, infinite taco bell commercials every four or five songs)

I was reading a Klance fic while listening to this and each song was perf to listen to but I was squeeing when I reached a part in the story where Keith just says the title in response to one Lance-induced moment of him not dealing w/ his sh!t anymore. xD Great pl you made here, loved the addition of BnL and Paramore! (^w^)