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Lyricless Liberation vol. 2


Liberate your mind!
Another TWO hours of some superb instrumentals to comb your mind of distractions. Let the lyricless melodies take you beyond tactile sensation and elevate you mind. Artists like Ott, Phaeleh and Blackmill provide the beats and the rest is up to you.

16 tracks
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Balaam 6:23 Zayin⨺
Natural Feeling 4:38 Phaeleh
Fire Dancer 6:14 David & Steve Gordon
Embrace 5:23 Blackmill
The Queen of All Everything 7:52 Ott
Transmission 5:02 Myrku
Reflecting Light 4:54 Jeff Bennett
Green (Nevermore Instrumental) 5:58 Afro Celt Sound System
Holographic Universe 3:42 Thievery Corporation
Dictaphone's Lament 5:10 Tycho
As Time Goes By 3:53 MYK
Lykasea 5:50 Phaeleh
Home 7:45 Blackmill
The Road To Exile 4:48 Afro Celt Sound System
Gone Til Morning 3:31 Of Porcelain
Blueshift 3:15 Jens Gad
Incident At Gate 7 6:27 Thievery Corporation
A Shower of Sparks 9:00 Ott
A Night in Martinique 5:02 David Gordoni
Point of Awakening (Androcell Remix) 8:10 Desert Dwellers