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Musical Adderall vol. 3


Another hour and a half of tantalizing music to keep your never-ending study session going. Ingest with large doses of coffee and keep the Adderall close by its gonna be a long night.

Artists like Random Rab, Bassnectar and Thievery Corporation provide the perfect mellow rhythms and downtempo beats to bring productivity to a new level. Together we can finish this fucking homework and cram for this midterm while bobbin our heads at the same time.

18 tracks
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Couldn't locate "Thanam and Chakkani Raja O.S. Thiagarajan" anywhere online. Can you let me know if that is the right track name?

anyone know where I can get the playlist? awesome playlist btw, got me through finals, and now most of my studying for the DAT.

i am doing the most boring 3,000word report you can imagine, these playlists are all that's keeping me going and stopping me from turning to alcoholism to get through this. thank-you