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Always with You


For those nostalgic feelings for Studio Ghibli.

This one is for Martin.

  • A Journey (A Dream of Flight) by Đoàn Nguyễn Hải Hoàng
  • Sky Stroll by Joe-Hisaishi
  • 海の見える街 by Remy Springs
  • Always With Me by 久石譲
  • Ashitaka and San (Joe Hisaishi) by JFV Pianista
  • ひこうき雲 荒井 由実 The Wind Rises Theme Song by Shoshy~boo
  • Always With Me by kakarikos
  • Strings on Studio Ghibli by あの夏へ One Summer Day
  • Laputa by Castle in the Sky Soundtrack
9 tracks
1 comment on Always with You

I couldn't afford to listen this playlist a second time while i was studying. All the melodies recalled their scenes and feelings which made me want to stand. So it is wise of you that you didn't put a study tag. :)

@nipidol Haha I get what you're saying. :) These are really lively and 'jolly' music mostly just for listening when you're relaxing. Not so much for studying as you say! Thank you for listening!