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good morning, timaeus


positive fan mix for dirk strider!!
i hope all dirk fictionkins are having a good day, you deserve all of the happiness in the world!!!
art is by mikoeko on tumblr!

8 tracks
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@davestrider_ thank you! that means so much to me!!!!! i hope you're having a wonderful day and if you ever need anyone to talk to i'm happy to listen!! you deserve the best, don't settle for less!!!! ily!

I thoroughly enjoyed this playlist, thank you for putting this out. I was wondering if you could perhaps put a link to the artist or their name?

@Glintingsunshine you're welcome!!! i'm glad you liked it!!!!!! unfortunately, i don't remember but i will do my absolute best to try and find them!! from now on though, i will always credit the artist in the about for the playlist. so sorry for this inconvenience, have a great day and take care of yourself!!!!