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Mellow, Melancholy Day

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I feel like you cheated, like you stole my ipod and raided it for this playlist. YOU ARE VERY TRICKY but I'm on to you.

I just signed up to this 8tracks thing today. The first mixtape I ever found was this - the first song I ever heard was The Ladder. I can tell I'm going to enjoy this place. Cheers for that. Andrew Belle is just gorgeous.

This is my favorite mix I've ever found on 8tracks. Be extremely happy. I love you forever, I just can't express how similar our music taste it, and yet there were enough songs on here that I didn't know to keep me interested. I like the approach of a long list of songs around a mood; 'm always one who gets frustrated having my iPod on shuffle if I'm sad and an angry/happy song comes on. Overall, thanks, this will be played hundreds of times, no joke.