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your felicity // olicity fanmix


What would you do if I told you that I la, la, la, la, loved you? Cause you know I la, la, la, lie // a happy Olicity fanmix bc no matter what anyone says, that scene was REAL and we shall celebrate it and everything that is oliver x felicity.

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I was going to hold off commenting before I finished the mix but SOMETHING GOOD CAN WORK!!! MY WEAKNESS!!!!!!!! Ahhh thank you so much for this fun mix! Of course I'm still emotionally devastated from the finale that even this makes me want to eat ice cream and curl up in a ball in cry. Is it possible that next season is too far away and but close enough at the same time? Cause I need months to get over that episode. Cries.

thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it... ive never really heard a super fun, happy olicity mix and wanted to do one bC THAT EPISODE WAS INCREDIBLE AND I CANT HELP BUT WANT TO CRY THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!