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bad in the blood

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Goddd, there are just far too many things I want to say about this mix tbh. Every single song is death, every single song is that creeping horror as you get closer and closer to the reveal that Spencer Hastings' origins are much more horrific (as in: of the horror genre) than anyone could ever imagine. Right from the beginning, Runs in the Family, right out of the gate, no fucking mercy, "don't blame me because I can't help where I come from, and running is something that we've always done well and mostly I can't even tell what I'm running from" just Jesus fucking Christ that's painful tbh, HASTINGS ARE EXCELLENT AT RUNNING THO, IT'S THEIR FUCKING DEFINING FEATURE, MELISSA, VERONICA, PETER, HELL, YOU CAN EVEN DIP INTO THE DRAKES TOO, MARY, CHARLOTTE, ALISON'S A FUCKING EXPERT, EVEN JASON'S KNOWN TO FUCKING DISAPPEAR WHEN SHIT GETS A LITTLE TOO REAL. And Whiskey is the Devil, Daughter, like of course it had to be on here but also fuck you. "oh you're living in the shadow, daughter, of a heritage you don't understand" like all on its own that is painful as hell, but also the literal shadow that Radley casts over her family, Spencer can never escape it, it explains every fucking thing in her life. It's not like Spence has some tragic backstory and she overcame it, it informs every fucking thing in her life. The only way to explain Spencer Hastings is to look all the way back to the beginning, back to Radley. And 101 Vultures, god, just god, I don't think I ever told you but the first time I ever heard that song the very first character that came to mind was Dean. Of fucking course it's perfect for Spencer, she's always his literal little sister in every way that matters and more often than not in ways that are just unspeakably painful. But also literally she got left in the vultures nest. Does it even really matter that Mary had no choice? That's still where she was raised, where she learned that it's every hastings for themselves (as long as no one else is coming after them, of course. they only stand together against outsiders, naturally.) Wayward Daughter too, christ, and Make It Rain, of Course. Fucking Under The Water too, I don't think I ever considered the true, deep pain in that song until I realized it's one of the few songs that Taylor actually screams in, and that's just a deep, gut-punch level of pain and a little too on the nose for Spencer. And Animal, of fucking course, "fathers hold your daughters, I will hold myself instead," THE STORY OF SPENCER'S LIFE. NOBODY'S DAUGHTER TOO, CHRIST, JUST GOD. "I am the last one you save here," just Jesus Christ. "nobody's coming, just continue to drown" god. Spencer's life is like the truest origins of fairytales, the deeper you dig the uglier it gets. And of course, Link In A Chain is just the most painful way you could possibly end this mix, just god, darling, god.