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god this is Such a mix tbh, conceptually it's utterly brilliant, hands down the revelation of Rey's birth is the most Astounding visual moment of the entire franchise, but the metaphors alone could literally spawn an entire essay series if not a book tbh, and you do such a fantastic job of contextualizing that moment musically, Rey is no one and everyone, she's the Skywalker heir without having a drop of Skywalker blood, she's the titular last jedi, it was never Luke, it was always Rey, and Luke knew that which is part of how he was able to pass peacefully, he knew Rey was there to carry on the legacy of the Jedi, to be the last serving daughter. In a way Rey is possibly the most fascinating modern hero because like flicker goes, she wasn't born, she's not a hero because she was born to be one, she's a hero because that's what she chose to become, she's this stunning metaphor for the way Star Wars has shaped an entire generation, multiple, in fact, because not everyone is born to be a hero like Luke Skywalker or his father before him, but anyone can become a hero if that's what they decide to be, and that's who Rey is, ultimately, who her parents are mean next to nothing, because she's a child of the universe, she's the goddamn hero. Star Wars is bigger than a franchise so it only makes sense that their new hero would be bigger than the circumstances of her birth, she is Rey into infinity, looking back and looking ahead, there is only herself