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god is a woman

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GOD IS A WOMAN AND HER NAME IS PETROVA! god this mix is just Perfect, literally the definition of perfection, i cannot handle it, every single song is perfectly chosen and perfectly placed, problem and god is a woman is such a choice for bookends, and bubblegum bitch and if u seek amy and terrible things, God terrible things, “i just reflect exactly what you expect” PETROVAS WHO ARE SO GOOD AT GIVING PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT, EVEN IF IT ISN’T THE TRUTH, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT ISN’T THE TRUTH. this bloodline, these women, centuries of description and obsession and magic and terror committed in their names and committed against them, they redefine the term “femme fatale” they might as well have originated it tbh, and enemy fire, GOD, “sweet words from a serpent's tongue, it's like playing with a loaded gun, who knows what truth is? how do you prove it?” GODDAMN I SAY literally the definitive petrova statement, they create truth out of lies, god, the things that have been done for the love of a petrova, tbh, AND SEX METAL BARBIE, EXCUSE ME CAN YOU TELL ME THE WORST THING YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT ME? THESE LEGENDARY BITCHES, rebekah fucking mikaelson, the original bitch, is jealous of the legend of the petrova charm and for good reason, they’re unforgettable, they’re god