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i love puzzles

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godddd, mona, manic mona, god mode mona, VANDERJESUS a vibe tho tbh. Like, god, she gets so deep and so intense so quickly, it's like she's always one short walk off a cliff into the abyss and you never know which one is gonna win. devil's lullaby is such an excellent way to start but goddd tbh, 'tempted by its sweet refrain' just god tbh. And the world is not enough, me & the devil, mother, whisky is the devil daughter, just godddd tbh. And of course devil's girl, of course it was a must, of course it fucked me Up, "and i know, know, know it’s pulling me down, i’m the devil’s girl now" monnnnaaaa, god tbh. And ending with that cover of arsonist's lullabye, god, all that growing intensity, the two lullaby bookends, devil and arsonist, all of mona's darkness that she has to actively fight against, just christ tbh, "don't you ever tame your demons, but always keep 'em on a leash" goddd because mona never knows when the only way to win, the only way to survive, is to go full dark. What a mix, what a Girl tbh