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Slowly, my hands lifting, the sticky nozzle, dusty brushes, oily wands waving in front of my face, fuchsia streaking up my cheeks, my lashes stiffened to brilliant black, my hair stiff, gleaming, pin-tucked.

The perfumed mist, thick in my throat, settling.

I look in the mirror.

And it’s finally me there, and I look like no one I’ve ever seen before.

(tracklist: http://alisonhastings.tumblr.com/post/159667674348/i-i-know-how-to-hurt-i-know-how-to-heal-i-know)

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"there's a serpent in these waters, lying deep down" ADDY HANLON, MOTHERFUCKING DARK HORSE YOU NEVER SAW COMING (unless of course, you are Beth Cassidy and knew all along what the love of your life is capable of)