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just another dressed up heartbreak

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and GOD "don't you know people write songs about girls like you?" is so Perfectly Serena, Dan writing his obsessive poetry to this perfect goddess who could quite literally fall apart and self destruct magnificently at any second but you'd never even suspect it if you aren't Blair Waldorf

godddd, this is so beyond stunning and painful, there aren't even proper words tbh. there's something so fundamentally broken in Serena and she looks in all of the wrong places to fix it and everyone is so focused on her shiny golden exterior that no one even notices the brokenness (except of course, Blair, I cry, these girls) and she's left to try to function with it, to fix it, ignore it, give in to it, again and again and again, all by herself. you've chosen so many transcendently painful songs to illustrate this too, beauty queen and prom queen back to back is just unfair and cruel, but following them up with Skin is just, god. Effortlessly beautiful Serena who'd sacrifice every ounce of beauty and wealth for just a day of being someone else, god. And Innocent, just Jesus Christ tbh.