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leave a beautiful corpse


you wouldn't believe the things that I have seen
I wouldn't expect you to; you've never been asleep

(a mix for the laura palmers, the lilly kanes, the alison dilaurentises of fiction – the teenage blondes who die because they dared to live)

tracklist: http://alisonhastings.tumblr.com/post/144861879198/a-mix-for-the-laura-palmers-the-lilly-kanes-the

12 tracks
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Oh my god why would you do this to me? I love Ali and I love Lilly even though I've never seen VM and I just really love tragedy girls but Thank God I'm Pretty would totally fit both of them (idk about Laura)

@RandomestFandoms oh, it definitely would fit all three, but it didn't fit the mix sonically or the overall theme, which wasn't just about them as individuals but about the phenomenon of the dead blonde girl. you would love laura but you will never watch twin peaks because it would fuck you up too bad.