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Holding hands, standing together in a crush of silk and flowers, Felicity and I watch the dancers moving as one. They spin about like the earth on its axis, enduring the dark, waiting for the sun.

Felicity squeezes my hand, and I feel the slightest hint of realms magic pulsing there. “Well, Gemma, we survived it.”

“Yes,” I say, squeezing back. “We have survived.”

– a playlist for gem and fee

(tracklist: http://alisonhastings.tumblr.com/post/159345349708/felicity-squeezes-my-hand-and-i-feel-the)

10 tracks
1 comment on let's not die inside before we have to

This mix is just unbelievably rude and perfect, starting with Sinners and ending with Sum Of Our Parts was Rude but also gave me so many eve/lilith vibes for them, it's not even funny. God this mix is perfect tbh