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Something passes between them that I cannot name. A tenderness. A togetherness. Just as if we were all gathered in Spence’s grand ballroom, Felicity places her hands at Pippa’s waist and pulls her into a waltz. They twirl and twirl, Pippa’s ringlets catching the wind, wild and free.

“Oh, Fee. I do miss you so.” She wraps her arm about Felicity’s waist and Felicity does the same to Pippa. They could be Siamese twins. Pippa whispers something to Felicity, and she laughs. “Don’t leave me,” Pippa says.

“Promise me you’ll be back. Promise me.”

Felicity lays her hands over Pip’s. “I promise.”

– a playlist for pip and fee

(tracklist: http://alisonhastings.tumblr.com/post/159303692098/promise-me-youll-be-back-promise-me-i-who)

10 tracks