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“was god the only one watching and weeping there as i fell?” FIRST OF ALL, WHAT THE FUCK, SECOND OF every fucking song on this mix is like Glass in my throat and i cannot handle it, this is just insanely Rude jesus christ, i mean, dirty and clean alone is a hundred thousand pieces of glass imbedded in the soles of my feet BUT CHRIST ENDING WITH BLACKBIRD IS NEVER OKAY AND YOU KNOW THAT “what is life other than a cage to me?” is never not Breathtakingly painful but it’s a thousand times worse for laura, and “the world is watching the death of a girl” is so much in every way but especially in the context of laura’s pop culture status as a dead girl like Christ tbh, and “everyday death is just waiting on my arrival” LAURA WAKING UP KNOWING EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT SHE IS ONE DAY CLOSER TO DEATH, ALWAYS KNOWING IT IS COMING AND THAT IT IS HER ONLY ESCAPE, It’S JUST, SHE’S JUST, GOD TBH