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you are the decay

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goddd, what a mix for such a fucked up fascinating dynamic. the ways mona hates alison, the ways she loves her, the all-consuming obsession that colors both emotions. scarlet is Such a choice, "you are my faithful enemy" L I T E R A L L Y at the end of the day mona can never leave alison alone, she's just magnetic and fascinating and everything mona hates and loves. fear and revulsion and worship mixing up into a noxious cocktail. gone forever is So Perfect, but Jesus CHRIST ipswich, just fucking ipswich, "I will haunt you 'til the ned is nigh" ACTUALLY! and of course, dead flowers, it had to be done, simply had to be done, "I won't forget to put roses on your grave" THIS DRAMATIC BITCH!!! but also, like, of course I can't listen to this now without being incredibly emotional about how far they've come. they're really friends now and they love and trust each other! it's true that mona can never leave alison alone, she literally got her a job across the country because of that fact, but she doesn't hate her anymore. it's so much tbh