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your mona lisa is dead

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godddd, this is easily one of the most devastating things you've ever done, if not the most devastating. Just, god, Ali, god. There are so many vibes in this mix but they all ultimately culminate in that One Episode and One Scene, and it's far too much tbh. Dream On is just, ungodly in the level of pain it causes. literally the moment it started, "can you feel a little love," and Instant chills. and every song is just unbelievably, indescribably painful. Jailhouse immediately followed by I Want My Innocence Back - "I demand you put back my heart in my hand and wipe it clean from the mess you made of me" JUST GOD ALISON AND ALL HER IMPOTENT RAGE - and hold me down, Jesus Christ, this mix genuinely holds no punches, every single song is like a blow to the gut, leaving you just as breathless and heaving as the moment Alison discovers exactly who's baby is inside her. Her body has been invaded and violated and made to feel like it isn't hers, and the decision to keep it isn't even hers, not truly, there's so much outside pressure, she has no control over her own body and it's such a Visceral feeling that you can Taste it in your mouth. Half of Me and Trapped in My Skin are too much, but God, Mistaken Identity, "your mona lisa is dead" god words cannot even Describe what that feels like, christ tbh. But "I was always walking one step ahead, or so I thought" like, Alison who's seen it all and felt it all and learned how to play the game before the game even began, and they got the best of her, despite it all, A.D. and all their minions Wrecked her. It's impossible not to think of how Alison thought she knew better by now, she knew how to spot a predator and how to turn the game on them, and how stupid she felt when she learned the truth about Rollins. It's horrific and ironic that the truth is, all of those experiences just made her more susceptible to predators. And of course, ending with 101 Vultures was necessary but absolutely gut-wrenching and impossible to recover from. A perfect mix for a truly devastating storyline tbh