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Songs for Travelling Through Your Fantasy World


Climb atop your steed and race off to the farthest edges of your world, leaving trails of gold wherever you go! Or why not create a band of races to travel with you, and find an obscure piece of treasure to give to a clueless creature? Don't forget to spit out a piece of advice and appear just in time. That way, you just know something interesting will happen! (We're pretty sure that's what Gandalf did every time, just for fun.) (NB: some songs removed b/c they had the same artist.)

13 tracks
5 comments on Songs for Travelling Through Your Fantasy World

You finally brought them back! Please do not take them down again, this mix and your Songs For Your Fantasy Novel's Battle Scenes are flawless. Thank-you for sharing and putting them back up!

@Roger_Crow90 Sorry that they were removed! Some songs were repeated, and 8Tracks policy changed about it. It's up now! I'll find some more new songs to inspire you. :)

I really love it, thank you the themes from Morrowind and Oblivion. It really helps me to prepare for my work x) Even though I do tend to daydream while listening this haha.

I really love this mix! Not just for writing time, I'm listening to it after work to calm down too. Or if I just read a book and want to hear some music while doing it.

It's perfection. And I want to thank you for it so much!

I'm very glad you like it! I love to have background music for the novels I'm reading; I'm glad someone else enjoys reading with a soundtrack in the background too. :)

Yeah, sometimes finding an appropriate match is hard. The Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack is pretty good for action sic-fi, period music is good for historical fiction, and Skyrim is always good for fantasy. I have the hardest time trying to find mixes for modern-set novels. Ah, well. :)