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Songs For Your Fantasy Novel's Battle Scenes


As Dawn fast approaches, the Sleepless Writer is weary from a fierce Battle of Wordcrafting, trading blows with characters who won't cooperate and escaping the Villain's evil Plot Holes he so carefully planned. Yet he cannot rest, for the Sleepless Writer must go on, for the Epic Climax Scene is still ahead of him, and he must somehow tie all of the Subplots in with the Main Plot's Epic Climax Scene, offering the greatest victory of all!

9 tracks
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good gravy, ive been searching fir this mix for a long time, if you do snother can u put the dovakiin koysta remix in it, it woukd be epic

Thank you; I'm glad you like it! Finding that certain mix can be hard. :)
If I can manage to find enough songs, I'll definitely try to add yours to the mix!