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Tavern Songs From Your Fantasy Novel


Welcome, traveler, to the Bare Fiscal! Find yourself a seat and count out those coins in exchange for a tankard of mead. No need for your trusty blade here-- oh, but do watch those two there in the back. Nasty characters if you ask me, sniffing about for who knows what. Ah, but who am I to meddle in the affairs of others; I'm just a mere bartender. Now then, what can I get for you?

  • Skyrim Cover by The Dragonborn Comes
  • Elder Scroll Morrowind by Nouillator
  • Skyrim Cover by Tale of the Tongues
  • Morrowind & Skyrim Theme by zubi_Wan
  • Skyrim Cover by Age of Aggression
  • The Tavern Song by Christian Baverstock
  • Age of Oppression by Malukah
  • The Bannered Mare by Santak
  • Beauty of Dawn by Malukah
  • Guild Wars 2 Cover by Taylor Davis, Lara, and Malukah by Fear Not This Night
10 tracks
3 comments on Tavern Songs From Your Fantasy Novel

The vocal tracks on this playlist are amazing for any kind of writing. They are beautiful to listen to in their own right, but also are capable of providing good background music with just the right amount of fantasy flair. I really like it. :)