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The Lost Archive of Forgotten Instrumentals II (183 Tracks)


The Second Installment: A gigantic collection of 183 tracks, hand-picked favorite instrumentals from around the internet. Includes a small selection of favorites from my older playlists. Includes : Jazzy, Electronic, Remixes, Chill, Mellow, and Down-tempo, and trip-hop music.
Apollo Brown
Fat Jon

Make sure to listen to the 1st Volume.

173 tracks
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I still remember exactly two years ago using this playlist to study before finals in 9th grade, and throughout that summer before grade 10 to study my condensed summer course. And here I am, still using it as I write a paper. Thank you for making this! I've listened to this more times than I can count, so I am very fond of this playlist. I may not know all these songs by title and artist, but I can recognize all of these tunes anywhere now and they almost make me feel nostalgic.

I'm surprised that I'm still coming back for this. I'm graduating high school tomorrow. Thanks for making this again, thanks for carrying me through some really long nights!

I'm melting. This is good. I feel young and mature at the same time. Perfect. Once I get this whatever Blockhead is, if it's still on the list, I'll be startled into reality.

FANTASTIC playlist. Listened to it 3 nights in a row while working into the wee hours. Still haven't finished all the tracks. Great instrumental base to not distract from work-- but uptempo enough with words scattered throughout to keep you awake/interested/foot-tapping.

@Giraffoidea I was just gonna write this and you where the first one up here lol im at a coffee shop doing h.w shit scared me

@nickyp90 @Giraffoidea Yeah, old link must have changed, it was Insomniac Olympics linked from soundcloud before. I haven't checked these playlists in awhile, I have a lot of tracks to fix, thanks for the heads up