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Local Man Just Needed A Big Hug, A Good Cry, And A Long-Ass Nap

(chise, from the back row: local man's mental health maybe would've been better in the first place if he slept in a bed instead of on the couch all the time like a Fool)
((josef, yelling from his rad nap room in the greenhouse basement: are you my moirail or my mother pick one you asshole))

**dj's note: playlist is actually deadly sincere

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I love this, the joke, the playlist, the art, wtf this is so cute and wholesome and you're so sweeet I love u <3

@f-109141 i spent So Much of the end of this arc yelling JUST HUG EACH OTHER!!!!!!! I JUST WANT THEM TO HUG!!!!!!!!!!! and then yamazaki kore had them actually do that and i was so delighted???? thanks yamazaki kore for pandering to my interests specifically