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gold and glowing


"But the place we are in now is just too dreadful. It is not a place where two people can build a life together."
- Yoshimoto Banana, "Kitchen"

booklet with color-coded lyrics available for download here (pls don't redistribute/reuse these images without permission): https://www.dropbox.com/s/2koklbj0w42yz0e/gold%26glowing-bkonly.rar?dl=0
[gold: asriel, green: chara, red: chara (upset, strongly felt)]

a little softer and more romantic than my last charasriel mix. still a trainwreck tho.
warning for themes of suicidal ideation/suicide, long-term illness, and codependency.

10 tracks
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@kasomi leans back in chair & blows u a kiss... (and then falls on the floor bc i leaned too far back attempting to play it cool) im glad i could give you The Feels.. thank u