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mayday! even if you can see it's me, you don't have to embrace me
mayday! if you can tell it's me, will you sneer for me one more time?

a mix for chara and the player, with appearances from the rest: six tracks for a nearly-completed no mercy route (being dragged to the brink of something terrible), and six tracks for resetting and continuing as a true pacifist (and trying to find a way to cope).

so obviously, warning for pervasive themes of child abuse and internalized victim blame throughout this mix.

booklet with color-coded lyrics available for download here (pls don't redistribute/reuse these images without permission): https://www.dropbox.com/s/xw7b7f0blpi8s2r/mayday-bkonly.rar?dl=0
[green: chara, red: chara (upset, strongly felt), blue: frisk, gold: flowey, orange: papyrus]

12 tracks
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Aaa!!! honestly I've yet to find a no mercy run mix I haven't liked, and, this is no exception? I love it so much?? Also I'm screaming about how perfect Neglected Space is.