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out of body


so take all the time you need
and let yourself be

a playlist about resenting your family, hating corporeality, claustrophobia, escapism, depression, and really just wishing you could move in with your dad but knowing that's not on the table because he's barely surviving. and also friendship and getting babysat from another dimension and having mixed feelings about that second thing.

lyrics to track 1 are explicit.

9 tracks
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This is so good!! I'm blown away by that interpretation of Happy, I love it when a playlist can make me look at a song completely differently

@accidentalhermit i spent a long time debating whether i wanted to put happy on here but in the end i couldn't not. i'm so worried about this kid??????????? their living sitch gives me such bad vibes????????????????

@accidentalhermit one look around that bedroom was enough to set my every instinct screaming that something is deeply wrong here and i am about ready to reach into the exe to contact fictional cps if things get any more messed-up in the full game lmao. but i really hope i'm overthinking it and they're just depressed