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soul poetry


and you threw stones at the starlight
as I stood on the sideline telling you
that I get that you’re lonely and I see that you’re feeling low
but I’ll hide in your heartbeat
I’ll be there for you you know

cw for implied codependency, canon-typical suicidal ideation, alcohol ment in track 10

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hey i was wondering if i could possibly make an 8tracks mix for your ycouyo chara? i would absolutely credit you and your work in the description and if you gave me permission to post it but then felt uncomfortable with the content i would immediately unpost it so that the mix would be gone (also in more relevant terms: this mix was fantastic ty so much for this beautiful masterpiece

@togekiss <3 DUDE that would be super cool and if you made a mix for them i'd love to hear it!!! you'd have to figure out smth on your own for the cover art since im Not Comfy w/having my art used on other folks' playlists unless i drew it specifically for that playlist, but, if thats not a problem, im very (heart eyes) about this idea!!! lmk if you make one!!!!!!!!