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when the joy of having my wish granted fades i start whining for the opposite right away
i always abandon my things right away and start wanting what others have
that's selfishness! where's my mama? the slightest inconvenience and i act like a baby
let's reset a little, back to the turret of justice
as i embrace my reflection

asriel mix '18: https://8tracks.com/feralphoenix/ashes
asriel mix '17: https://8tracks.com/feralphoenix/we-will-flower-again
asriel mix '15-'16: https://8tracks.com/feralphoenix/undertow

i feel like asriel is his own warning at this point BUT: songs depict partner abuse (possessiveness/jealousy, kidnapping, gaslighting, manipulation), grief, death, depression, suicidal ideation, murder, mention of self-harm, and general self-negativity wrt one's past mistakes.

9 tracks
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