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Smokin' Ladies

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so far its super good. would it be an abuse of public places to write long deceleration of love here?

i'm wishin' she was ready already. the time i think of she being alive and awaiting on my blue eyes to reflect these blue skies. and or dare to look deep into my drink and in the surface see my reflection and sink. deep into your eye a ball. a bawling a brawler baby with an amazing set of pipes, from a different era. i dare you. to stop wishing and waiting, and step up. into my embrace when/
rachel, always had someone there. and it would behoove me to make a move say, you look more gorgeous than your boyfriend told you you are. and its not very nice, downright impolite, to want to rearrange my love affairs, you strange bird with the gum snapping in your beak, i can almost taste the way you think. like a spring with an fast encroaching autumn, whatever happened to you that summer. left me to slumber alone, for the first time in long long seasons. having the same friends put us on a familiar terrain, but you always seemed to have someone saying. strange things in your ear, like don't let him close, that one, he's dangerous, don't let him too near/
des, my darling, your ire, it irked me, and in the desert sharing that dessert we, had love on us like we got extra whip cream on the sunday, laughing watching you that was a fun spray, the way your smile like some shy heliotrope broke, in the decaying dusk. it was i that'd rush, the issue of fumbling hands, and later, afterward, you said i was so excited and can something like that ever truly be recreated, maybe it'd be better if we just thought of this as something we've done for, recreation/ as opposed to anew creation
meghan, you were a righteous one, and just cause i'd thought your roommate was more fun doesn't mean i didn't absolutely think you the height of young womanhood. jeez i mean i never even looked at a blonde until i saw you at the varsity wearing my letter jacket. who knew high school in atlanta could pay off so at the university of georgia state, the best thing to happen since may 9th 2oo3, i also was so young being, a fresh man, still really a gawking boy and, i wish i had, could have told you i truly loved the dynamic you added to our little crushed/dimpled triangle. and that ponytail, i wish i could have seen you more often tie it, your hair so flaxen and i loved the way it rampant loose and boldly free could be restrained by such a simple piece of rubber be. made in the image of the one you love and forgive me for not _ you more/
oh my, candice, sometimes, i know it would have been different if only out tastes hadn't diverged such, hearts hammering and courtship clamoring for the same love, you made me want to be, whoa bisexual! oh my feeling is such, glad handed magick watching you twirl your hair was tragic, you of the glorious intellect for a moment stunting like bubblegum i purposely stuck in your straight and beautiful black pageboy, looking like a pixie walking out of the bathroom, urs and i laughed, at your heavenly upset/
melissa, all the world a stage and i and i merely players, maybe its not me acting as King Hamlet to your Ophelia as the hurricane raged, but playing light up candles in the darkened house, the way i downplayed my own discomfort, and you shy like a mouse playing with a cat, would rebound from the battery of my kisses, and tell me its only the power thats out, not my responsibility, alas, that was just the game i'd chosen to play, you weren't beautiful just that one day, you were timeless like seas turned incarnadine/
fun mix! thx you!