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i don't love you anymore


this mix is about yoon bum's unhealthy feelings and self loathing
((mix is a wip))
gha now i wish this was just a shippy mix so i could put she's my collar on it lol
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can you please explain what she's my collar means and reminds you of in context of killing stalking? i'm really interested!

@bibi-m-116010 uh like idk really its just a funky uncomfortable jam ,, i guess like part of bum wanting to be with sangwoo but knowing its not real // its unhealthy// conflicted feelings idk mostly cause its a jam, the mix is the same as when i first published it tho

@bibi-m-116010 also like shes my collar meaning like sangwoo being in control of everything? this mix is more serious tho and i mention she's my collar saying it would suit a less like seriously toned mix