27 comments on bpm: blossoms per minute by ferrous_goxide

Listening to this mix. Again. @unicornslutup said it perfectly. This is far and away the best mix on this website. No matter what mood I'm in, who I'm kicking it with, whether I'm driving or doing work, I can always play this mix. I'll play it over and over again until 8Tracks won't let me. Then I'll do it again the next day. Well done my friend, well done.

This is the most perfect playlist on 8tracks. I keep coming back in all different moods to listen to it, it's so good. Thanks for making it!!

First off, the picture is GORGEOUS, and definitely caught my eye. Secondly, this mix rocks. End of story. I'm being super productive at work, but dancing in my seat quite as well. Perfection. Thank you!

So I've come back to this mix a couple of times, it's great for that evening in San Diego where it's warm out and you got the tiki lights going in the backyard and the dogs are looking at you, like, let's go for a walk!

Man...that sounds marvelous. We still have a few patches of snow here and there. They'd look great under some tiki torches. I'm glad you dig the tunes, thanks for listening!