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It's currently 4am where I am. I've been sick for the past week, and it's been keeping me up most nights. I've given up fighting to make myself sleep, so I pieced together this list of tunes to rest my eyes and let my tired mind ebb, flow, and [ultimately] drift off to. Cheers.


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I listen to almost all of your stations with RainyMood playing in the background and it's pure bliss.
Where do you even dig up this wonderful music?? <3

Love RainyMood, one of my favorite things! Happy to hear you enjoy this :)
As for the music, a number of places haha. A couple of friends gave me a lot of tunes at one point, and I'm still unearthing stuff a whole year later. I also find lots of gems on SoundCloud and (of course) the lovely 8tracks! Here's a product of another sleepless night: http://8tracks.com/ferrous_goxide/half-dreaming-ii

took me forever to get to this beautiful mix. glad I finally did. I hope by now you are feeling much better and enjoying peaceful sleep at night.